Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Plays

Today Ollie had Fall Plays in his classroom with the rest of his first grade class.
The parents were welcome to come today as well.
Knowing that Ollie doesn't like crowds... all the extra parents, I was not sure how it would go.
It went well!
He was in two plays.
In one he was a scarecrow.

He kept his hat on the whole time. Ollie hates wearing hats.
He really didn't sing, but he stayed up there the whole time. That is amazing.

He was also a goblin? in the 13 days of Halloween.
He was the 13 ghosts.
he looks so cute with those ears on.

here he is holding up his ghosts.

He did good here too. He did say 13 ghosts after the little girl beside him told him to say it. It was great!

Great Job Ollie, mommy is so proud of you!

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