Saturday, June 25, 2011

just a quik update

I just wanted to give a quick update on Ollie for now.
For the most part, he is walking on his leg normally again.
 He will walk across the yard normally, then it is like he stops and thinks about it and limps a couple of steps. He also says he can't run, but I have seen him take off with his brothers and run and not realize it. Silly boy, slowly things are returning back to normal. 
He has also started a new thing where he relives or "plays" breaking his leg.
 He will sit on the floor and cry and yell, "ouch it hurts, it hurts" and other things that he said that night. I know it is the night he broke it or the next day because when I hear him, it takes me right back to those moments like deja vu or something.
When you aks him what's going on, if he is alright, he just stops what he is doing and looks at you like nothing is wrong.
 He says "I'm playing". 
At first I thought that he was bothered by it and kept reliving it, but now I think he is just sort of playing what he lived through. He really doesn't seem upset when he is done. He just moves on to play something else as happy as can be.

Anyway,on a different note, today is Ollie's birthday an tomorrow is his big party!

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