Monday, June 6, 2011

frustrated to tears

There has been no real improvement since my last post. We worked Ollie's knee and ankle joints a little bit, he was wanting to keep them locked like they were in the cast. For two days after that Ollie laid around on the couch and slept. Now, some of this could be due to the fact that I was giving him Tylenol for his sore joints. After that I made him go outside. He enjoyed it once he was out there, but it was a fight to get him there. He still does not want to put weight on his leg. At first Ollie told me it was broke, but after repeating myself many times, Ollie finally agreed it was 'fixed." Today, Ollie went outside, but still scooted around. After watching him sit there in the dirt moving his foot, toes and ankle all around, I knew that it was all in Ollie's mind and up to him to decide that his leg was ok and he could walk on it again. Then later tonight he decided he had to go to the bathroom and got up and went by himself. Now, he was still hopping along, but asked for no help. I felt like doing a little happy dance. See, the trick with Ollie is letting him think it's all his idea. There is no way that Ollie will cooperate  unless he wants to. He is just to stubborn. So maybe he is not walking on it like nothing ever happened yet, he is taking the steps to get there. One day out of the blue I expect to wake up and see him walking because that is just how Ollie does it.

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