Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Grade

Yep, school has started. Actually, school started about six weeks ago. I was really nervous about school starting. Ollie was going to have to adjust to a longer day. He was always going to have to eat lunch at school. There was going to be more homework and a more difficult curriculum.There was going to be a new teacher and Ollie just loved his kindergarten teacher.
Well, after three days Ollie was doing good with being at school for a full day. In fact, I think he adjusted better then his two older brothers had. 
Lunch time was probably the thing that I stressed the most about. Ollie only eats about ten foods, if I try really hard, I could probably stretch it to twenty. This drastically limits my options for packing a healthy lunch. Not only did I worry about what I could pack for Ollie to eat, I also worried about what others (teachers, ect.) would think about his meals. Ollie eats one vegetable and that is lettuce. ( yep, with nothing on it just like a rabbit.) When he was younger, he used to eat peas, all the time, but he will not eat them any more. I decided to pack trail bologna for his meat. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is deer meat in a roll that you eat cold. Ollie has been eating that since he was one year old. He also likes chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but he prefers both of those things warm and I was unsure how that would be in his bucket. He used to eat bologna, but that is one of the things that he used to eat, but no longer does. Yes, those ten things that he eats does change from time to time, but it seems like if he picks something new up, he stops eating something else. I also pack chips in his bucket, again I know not very healthy, but my choices are chips, popcorn, pretzels or french fries. The pretzels and popcorn can be substituted in but Ollie really likes to keep a routine. If I changed his bucket food for the day, it could throw his whole day off. Before you ask, there is not one fruit that Ollie will eat. Not one. The last thing that I pack is Chocolate pudding, you know the kind that is supposed to be made with real milk. Finally a bottle of water for a drink. In fact water is the only thing he will drink. Ollie drank milk until he was about three and a half years old, then he just stopped and switched to water. That is it. Eating lunch at school for Ollie is going great. He eats everything that I pack. There have been about two days were he just didn't eat a lot, but everybody has off days. 
I have no problem getting Ollie to do his homework with me at night. In fact, I think that he likes it and I enjoy that time with him. He also is having no problems keeping up with the rest of his class academically. Ollie also seems to like his his new teacher, even though he doesn't say much about her. 
After six weeks in school, I am relieved that things are going so well. I am looking forward to the rest of the year going as well.

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