Saturday, March 12, 2011

doctors and sensory issues

Part 2

When Ollie's oldest brother Van was ready to start preschool, he was evaluated with a development delay. After our pediatrician referral, Van was evaluated by a occupational therapist (OT) and a physical therapist(PT). Van's results were that he was slightly sensory integrated ( his brain did not process sensory information the same way that ours does). What did that mean? Well, Van went to either an OT or PT appointment once a week for half an hour. He did this for more then a little more then half a year. For the most part, Van has learned to adapt to his sensory differences. For example, Van would hate loud noise. Any really loud noise would confuse and scare him. Now, Van has grown to realize what those loud noises are and he is no longer upset by it.

Therefore, I had some point of reference when Ollie was going to appointment after appointment. Ollie's first two evaluations were done by the county that we lived in. Then we were sent to our pediatrician. Our pediatrician sent us to different doctors. The first doctor was the eye doctor, where we learned that Ollie did need glasses. Ollie improved some just by being able to see. His world opened up to him a little. The next appointment was with a hearing specialist. We learned that Ollie's hearing was fine. Then we had another evaluation by the county and a home visit by the county school physiologist. Next, we headed to a child physiologist at the nearest children's hospital. Followed up by another trip to the physiologist. We then went back to the pediatrician.Lastly, Ollie was evaluated by a language specialist. All of this happened in the span of about six months. Ollie was a trooper. Every appointment he did better and better. Ollie was evaluated by OT and Pt, but that was through the county after he had already started preschool. He showed just a small amount of sensory issues, with loud noise(same as his big brother).
By the time Ollie started preschool, he was used to being evaluated. Ollie's first two to three days at preschool were rough ones, getting used to being away from home.After that, Ollie began to enjoy school. He started opening up a little more each day.

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